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Dr Trimble, Debbie, and staff are amazing. If you need sinus relief without pain and a passionate staff who care about you, you have found the answer!!!
Max E – May 10, 2017

Great place. All of the staff are friendly and courteous. Dr. Trimble was great and takes the time to give you that little bit extra. He doesn't just run in look at you and run out. Glad that I found this office. Thank you everyone.
Jason H– April 24, 2017

The doctor was wonderful. He listened and what he prescribed has worked just as he told me it would. This doctor was recommended to me and now I truly understand why.
Alexandre W– April 9, 2017

Am very pleased with my visit to your office. The treatment seems to be working. Not had a bad session of dizziness or room spinning since. Will see you in a month!
Billie J – March 18, 2017

I was very comfortable with your friendly staff and the Dr.'s were amazing. The wait was almost non existent which makes for a great first impression. Awesome experience.
Linda S. – March 9, 2017

Before my nasal surgery I had a deviated septum. I found myself breathing through my mouth more and more; and I snored. Why I had put up with the problems for years I really don’t know. But when I finally realized that the “thing” which periodically became visible when it protruded from my nose was a polyp that had its home in my right frontal sinus, I said enough is enough!

My Primary Care Physician gave me a referral to Dr. Monty Trimble, which was the best thing that has happened to me. After an examination that included X-Rays it was determined that one of my frontal sinuses was plugged with the “thing”; two of my sinuses was almost full of material; and my septum was deviated. Dr. Trimble gave me a detailed explanation of the procedure he would use to repair my sinuses, as well as options. The operation was scheduled at a well-run medical facility in Dallas-Fort Worth; it lasted almost two hours, and I was allowed to go home that same day.Recovery, to a large extent, depends on the individual. Some people heal faster than others but the key is to follow the instructions given.

I have found Dr. Trimble to be a dedicated professional with a great “bedside manner”, he listens! He is also very talented. Since the operation and healing, I have been able to breathe through my nose for the first time in years; I am smelling things with a greater degree of clarity especially flowers and fruit. I no longer snore which is a blessing for my wife and friends. Dr. Trimble and his staff have been a blessing to me and I feel fortunate to have him handle my sinus problems.
Fred M.

I have had all my adult life problems with my sinuses and the problems were often triggered by season allergies. Consequently, through the years I have had two to three or more sinus infections a year.In April 2014, I revisited Dr. Trimble and had an exam and a CT scan of my sinuses in the office. Thinking I would be considering surgery on my sinuses under anesthesia, I was pleasantly surprised when I was told of a new procedure called Sinuplasty.

My recovery was not long and in subsequent visits, I was released in three months.I am happy to report I have not had a sinus infection since December 2012. My nasal passages stay open more and respond to antihistamine and steroid sprays. Drainage is much better and my head does not feel heavy. I am glad I had this procedure and the positive change it made. I commend Dr. Trimble and his staff in the office for their care and support.
Barbara F.

After years of not being able to smell, within weeks of the Balloon Sinuplasty I began smelling gradually. Along with my smell, I began to taste foods again. It brought tears to my eyes the first time I tasted something. Considering these two senses go together, I had just thought I would never smell or taste again. Smell and taste continue to improve daily. I can't thank Dr. Trimble enough. He and his staff are truly amazing. If you have severe sinus infections, don't put this surgery off. After years of suffering, life has taken a major up swing. I'm learning smells and taste all over again. I don't regret for a moment having this done., June 16, 2014

After two rounds of antibiotics prescribed by other doctors for a "sinus infection" and 2 months of not breathing out of my right nostril, I went to Dr. Trimble to try to get some relief. I had a CT Scan done prior to my appointment so we could discuss it during the appt. On my initial appointment visit, he spent an incredible amount of time with me discussing my scan, my breathing/nose problems, and answering my questions. Dr. Trimble said the surgery would take place on the right side of my nose, but that if he saw something that needed correcting on the left side during surgery, he would do that. I had my surgery and Dr. Trimble removed the mass and fixed the right side septum. He said the left side was fine and did nothing to that. I appreciated his conservative approach. Dr. Trimble spent a lot of time with me on my follow up appointment, as well. I never felt rushed. He is a great ENT and I feel much better thanks to him!, May 30, 2014

Dr. Trimble, just a note to say the balloon sinuplasty procedure you performed has made a very significant improvement in my breathing and quality of life. I am greatly impressed with the results!

A friend of mine referred me to Dr. Trimble after she had a balloon procedure done in the office. She kept raving about how much better she felt. I was desperate for help, so I went in as well. I was thoroughly impressed and decided to have balloon dilation in the office as well. 6 weeks later and I feel so much better. I can breathe better without sinus Infections., December 18, 2012

I have had sinus/allergy issues for years. Other Drs. had recommended major surgery, but Dr Trimble offered me an alternative. He did a new balloon dilation procedure in his office. My results have been amazing. I don’t have sinus infections anymore…I haven’t felt this good in years!, December 5, 2012

I had a balloon procedure on a Friday and felt better by Monday. The procedure was easy and Dr. Trimble seemed to be really concerned about how I was feeling., June 12, 2012

After years of suffering with sinus issues, I finally was referred to Dr. Trimble by another doctor. Dr. Trimble took the time to explain my options. I chose a new balloon procedure that Dr. Trimble did in the office on a Tuesday afternoon. The procedure was so easy and painless, I wasn’t sure it really did anything. It has been 6 months, and I haven’t had a sinus issue since. I am breathing better and I can actually smell again. Amazing! I am so pleased; with I’d found him sooner., June 5, 2012

He cured me! I have had sinus problems for years…finally decided to do something about it after I found Dr. Trimble on the Web. I wasn’t excited about the idea of having surgery…thankfully; Dr. Trimble trained on a new office procedure that allowed me to avoid surgery. 2 hours after the “balloon” procedure, I felt great. Hope it lasts!, July 13, 2011

I had sleep apnea and chronic congestion for years. I saw Dr. Trimble and we discussed a turbinate reduction (“turb”) and decided to give it a try. Results were amazing! He did the procedure in his office with local anesthesia. My insurance did not cover the wand used for the turb, so that was my only out-of-pocket cost. I have been very pleased with the results — I no longer need a CPAP to breathe while I sleep, I am sleeping better, congestion is rare (instead of constant), and migraine episodes have decreased by 80% or more.Dr. Trimble has been helpful, personable and provided lots of ideas and information regarding my condition., June 16, 2011

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