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Dr. Trimble and his professional ENT team provide comprehensive Ear Nose & Throat specialty care to patients in the Dallas - Fort Worth metropolitan area.

In addition to a focus on sinus disease and treatment, our services also include:

  • Regular and short notice non-surgical ENT appointments with our Board Certified Nurse Practitioner
  • Audiology and Hearing Loss diagnosis and treatment by our Licensed Doctor of Audiology
  • Sleep & Snoring diagnosis and care to give you better sleep and a higher quality of life.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities and Technology for the best treatment outcomes
  • Patient-friendly and specially trained staff to make you comfortable and confident.

In-office CT scanning for Otolaryngology is now available in our office!

The ILUMA Cone Beam CT (CAT) scanner is an in-office CT scanner that offers a variety of advantages over traditional scanning.

  • Time-saving convenience

    You no longer have to visit another facility at another time to complete the diagnostic study.  Your CT scan can be completed during your appointment and reviewed with Dr. Trimble.

  • High-resolution images

    Three-dimensional reconstructions of your sinuses, ears, facial bones, and temporomandibular joints can be displayed clearly and in various views for diagnosis. Interference from metallic structures such as braces or fillings is also minimized.

  • Quick & easy

    Patients can sit comfortably during the open scanning process without uncomfortable and difficult positioning.  Scans can be done in as little as 7 seconds

  • Safety & comfort

    Cone beam technology offers significantly reduced radiation exposure from that of traditional CT scanners.

  • ICACTL Accreditation

    This "Seal of Approval" tells you that Dr. Trimble is accredited in the areas of Sinus and Temporal Bone CT by the Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Computed Tomography Laboratories (ICACTL).

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What our patients are saying...

"I was very comfortable with your friendly staff and the doctors were amazing. The wait was almost non existent which makes for a great first impression. Awesome experience."

- Linda S.

"My recovery was not long and in subsequent visits, I was released in three months. I am happy to report I have not had a sinus infection since December 2012. I am glad I had this procedure and the positive change it made. I commend Dr. Trimble and his staff in the office for their care and support."

- Barbara F.

"Great place. All of the staff are friendly and courteous. Dr. Trimble was great and takes the time to give you that little bit extra. He doesn't just run in look at you and run out. Glad that I found this office. Thank you everyone at Dallas Breathe Free."

- Jason H.

"Very professional and courteous. Dr. Trimble was very thorough and explained what needed to happen. Great experience from start to finish!"

- Kay R.

"The doctor was wonderful. He listened and what he prescribed has worked just as he told me it would. This doctor was recommended to me and now I truly understand why."

- Alex W.

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